A Fully Customizable Offering

The Clearwater Commerce Marketing telesales service solution allows your company to meet its revenue goals and appreciate the benefits of a first-rate sales presence without diverting key in-house personnel from their main business focus. We provide a turn-key, yet fully customizable outsourced sales offering that provides our client with a dedicated team of experienced sales specialists. Our highly experienced management team will work with you on building a dedicated telesales force designed specifically to market your products and services through a mutually agreed on sales processes.

Foster valuable relationships via personal contact with your prospects. There are but a few connections in the world more powerful than that of a human voice over the telephone. A highly trained professional talking to your prospective buyers -- in a free-flowing conversation -- is the spark you need to start building a relationship for your company that is unparalleled.

You can count on the professionals at Clearwater Commerce Marketing to build those relationships for you. Every call we make is designed to build respect and trust in your company that your competition can't touch. Contact us for any of these outbound telemarketing services:

Our Telemarketing Services

  • Lead

  • Our highly experienced team familiarize themselves with your products, services, unique qualities and value proposition to customize a calling program.
  • Sales

  • We have the expertize to handle all the subsequent calls and follow up emails to sustain interest of prospective customers that convert to higher closing rates.
  • Data

  • Data cleansing is an effective way to validate and update your customer information, ensuring you always have accurate information in your database.