Sales Follow Up is Crucial

Consider this - latest studies by Clearwater Commerce Marketing show that 85% of businesses aren’t making enough follow-up phone calls to potential customers. The same studies revealed that the average sales rep makes between 1.7 and 2.1 attempts to reach potential customers.

That Is Not Nearly Enough.

You’ve made a connection with a prospective new customer - identified their needs, matched your offering with those needs, discussed an indicative price, and furnished them with a proposal or an estimate. Now following up with that potential customer is the key to a successful sale and your company’s growth. Managing the task of consistent sales follow up calls can be tedious and time-consuming.

If your team only calls twice on average, it is not unlikely that you are losing a considerable amount of business to competitors, while wasting valuable resources in the process. Saying that sales follow up is an essential part of the overall sales process is very much an understatement.

The Clearwater Commerce Marketing team will consistently make the necessary follow up calls and emails to attain a higher closing rate.

Our track record shows that we have been able to increase our client's close ratio by as much as 60%.

Other Telemarketing Services

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