Bridging the Gap Between Marketing and Sales

Clearwater Commerce Marketing highly experienced team learns the ins and outs of your products and services, value proposition and key differentiators to tailor a customized calling program. Our sales lead generation approach is non-abrasive and focuses on meaningful conversations with your prospects. Our multi-touch and integrated marketing approach incorporates database updating, email integration, follow up, lead qualification and drip email for lead nurturing. The more ways you can stay in front of your prospective clients, the better chance you have to close more business.

Rely on Clearwater Commerce Marketing and its respected partners to combine lead generation, tele-follow-up, direct mail follow-up, inbound marketing, and inbound toll-free numbers -- all tracked with Clearwater Commerce Marketing's CRM system or your own.

You'll be able to bridge the gap between your sales and your marketing as we manage your sales funnel with proven techniques complemented by state of the art technologies that fully manage, measure and report the status of every lead.

Our Marketing & Systems Services

  • Data & List Management

  • Use our mature processes and systems – an accumulation of wealth of skills, processes and technology for over 10 years while working with clients – to build, manage, and enhance your data.
  • Lead

  • Increase ROI of your lead generation activities, compress the your sales cycle and convert more leads to sales.
  • Email

  • We formulate and roll-out applicable strategies for delivering relevant, creative, and timely content to your prospects via email. We assimilate email in all appropriate places in your marketing campaign to achieve the perfect media mix.
  • Market

  • We gather and analyze data to give you unique insights on the market and identify products and services currently in demand, and how to be compete in different market environments.
  • Channel Development

  • In today’s marketplace, having a single marketing channel cannot sustain the ambitious sales growth goals every organization seeks. You need to expand channel partners to reach new markets, generate demand for your products and drive sales.